The half bath: part one

Ohhh my goodness!! This tiny 26 square foot bathroom took WAY more time than it should have; even more than the kitchen! It's not even done now as i write this. There is still some finish work i have to do. 

Trent didn't agree with me that this bathroom needed to be redone. It's super small and the tile before was not horrible. But almost every person that comes into our house ends up using this bathroom and i wanted it to look like it belonged! By some miracle i convinced Trent it was worth it and he actually agreed to do it! Whew!! 

Here's what i was working with.

When we bought the house it looked like this:

The. worst. wallpaper. on. the. planet. ALSO. BEIGE WALLS AND TILE. 

I remember when we got the keys to the house when the realtor was still there the first thing i did was start to peel away the wallpaper. I painted everything white, changed out the mirror and towel ring and it stayed like this for a year:

Not horrible, but not amazing. Here are some bathrooms that i used as inspiration:

the things they have in common are: 

  • black and white color scheme
  • round mirror
  •  bold statement tile


Check back soon for the reveal!