DIY planter

Today i'm showing you guys how to make these fun planters! I get SO many questions about them and people are shocked when i tell them that they are an easy DIY!!

You will need:

  • a pot
  • craft paint
  • super glue
  • wine corks


Step 1. Paint your pot with the color of your choice! I already have two white ones so i used black this time!

Step 2. Cut your corks in half and glue them to the pot!

Step 3. paint the corks and let dry


Step 4. Put a plant in and get ready for all of your guests to ask where you got that amazing planter! 

That's it! I experimented with black this time, but i think it looks better in lighter, natural shades. It will look more organic, like real pottery. 

This is not limited to corks either! You can glue things like blocks of wood and those marbles that are flat on one side! (what ARE those called?!) 

Hope you liked it!