The kitchen reveal!

We've had our new kitchen for a month now and i absolutely love it! It's not completely done yet; it still needs a new dishwasher and some floating shelves. More on that below.

Just incase you blocked the ugly image out of your mind (click here for part 1 of the kitchen update), this is what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house:

And... after lots of blood, sweat, and DIY tears... here it is now!!






What do you think?! I love it.  My favorite thing is the sink and faucet. I knew i wanted this faucet years ago, before we even owned a house. It's so beautiful and i love that it has a  pull-out spray hose built in to the faucet instead of being off to the side! And OMG. This sink is HUGE. I can lay our biggest pans flat in the sink to let them soak! It's the little luxuries. Haha!

We bought our Kitchenaid fridge when we moved in, so we got the matching gas stove. We had electric before and it definitely is a lot easier to cook with gas. However. The installation of the gas line ended up costing almost as much as the stove! Don't be like us: get a quote before you hire a guy and start drilling! We justified the cost though, because my parents actually bought us the stove we wanted (probably because they were so impressed that Trent did everything himself and wanted to buy him a present). It makes the biggest difference and looks amazing on the subway tile!

We still need to update our dishwasher, and i've decided on this one, but i cant decide if i should get stainless or black or white. I want it to blend in with the cabinets more. If i did stainless the fridge and dishwasher would create too much of a dark odd shape because they are right next to each other. And i'm considering a black dishwasher because i haven't ruled out painting the bottom cabinets under the sink black.  

Now for the things i haven't done: I want to replace the modern glass cabinets above the freestanding butcher block with two open wooden shelves with black brackets. I'm hoping it will tie in the butcher block more. I can't take the glass cabinets off yet because whoever installed them sucked at measuring... because they had to cut into the doorframe for them to fit. So i need to get someone to remove the doorframe before i can install the shelves.

I reallyyyy want to do large white or black hex tiles on the floor, but i don't think it will be worth it. This isnt a forever house and it would be a HUGE project.

What do you think?


Next up: MUDROOM.