Front Door Details!

The front door has been in for 2 weeks and i love it more every day!

TONS of you voted on the door in this post and it really helped me make my decision! It was between option A or B and i ended up choosing B because it broke up the horizontal lines on the exterior. 

Below is the before incase you forgot...


There are a few more exterior updates i want to make that aren't finished yet; so this post will be all about the door details (exterior reveal coming soon- huge difference).

The door we chose is by ThermaTru from Home Depot. It's fiberglass and very customizable. In the door/window department there is usually a person at a computer and they were really cool about letting me play around for a while and look at all the options like the placement of the window panel, number of windows, and the type of glass. There were about 20 different glass choices, and we went with chord glass.  The handleset is also from Home Depot. I considered a black or brass finish, but brushed nickel looked best on the dark background.

Ok. Let's talk paint. I bought the door unpainted because i wanted a bigger selection of paint colors (you only have about 6 choices if you order the door painted). I've bought paint hundreds of times and i usually just get something from Home Depot because it's convenient. The photo studio i work at uses only Benjamin Moore paints so when i was there one day i decided to grab a bunch of swatches and hold them up to the house. Black Beauty made our off-white house look slightly more white. It's the darkest, prettiest charcoal color. I had seen commercials and read tons of reviews on their Grand Entrance paint. Apparently its the best damn paint on the market. I found out the price and was like "WOAH IT BETTER BE!" A gallon of paint is normally between $25 - $35. A gallon of this magical liquid costs $160. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS. INSTEAD OF TWENTY FIVE. Guess what. The price intrigued me even more and i bought it. Luckily it comes in quarts so i paid $80 for 2 quarts and used 1.5 on the door with multiple coats.

So was the price of the paint worth it?

Absolutely. It applied like a dream. It reminded me more of water than paint. The brush strokes blended together for a seamless glass-like finish. It never got sticky when re-applying coats like most paints do. My contractor couldn't believe that i painted the door myself. It looked professionally done. The paint is SO worth it and i'm never going back!!


Alright guys! Those are the basic door details! I can't wait to show you the exterior! Let me know what you think about my door choice!