Help me choose our new front door!

Hey everyone!


As you know, the inside of our home isn't finished yet, but we've decided to stop all interior renovations for the summer and work on something equally if not more important: the exterior. 

I feel like people are SHOCKED when they walk inside our house because the exterior is very underwhelming and they're expecting the interior to be the same. We've been here for almost two years and it's time to get things rolling. My biggest MUST: a new front door.

Oh my GOD our door does NOTHING for our house. One bit. Also. Before i continue i think i need to let you guys know something personal about me... I am OBSESSED with doors. I GASP when i see a beautiful door. I stop and take pictures. I have made my husband do a U-turn at 50 MPH because i HAD to see this door again.  I love them. 

Okay. Back to our exterior. 

Here it is the house right now with the work we've done so far:

  • painted the front door (it used to be red- MY LEAST FAVORITE COLOR ON EARTH)
  • changed the door handle
  • added mexican beach pebbles in the garden box
  • cut down a huge bush (there used to be two of those massive guys in that tiny garden box)
  • new mailbox
  • new house numbers
  • painted light fixture black
  • modern patio furniture

I will eventually do a post on the before + after of the exterior but today is not the day. Today is about CHOOSING THE DOOR. 

Let me preface this by reminding you that the home was built in 1954. The siding was probably added in the 1990's. I want the door to stand out, but not look out of place if that makes sense.



I love this one but wonder if there are too many horizontal lines. The level of safety also concerns me a bit. 


This one is my husbands favorite. Simple but dramatic. However, it wouldn't let it as much light as option A.


I really like this one too. It's super interesting to look at, but probably doesn't let in too much light. Not concerned about safety/privacy with this one at all.

I don't know guys  I REALLY DO NOT KNOW!!

I wish i could get them all and change them out every once in a while like a handbag.

Please help us by commenting your favorite!

thank you!