Half bath reveal!


Finally our tiny 26 square foot bathroom is done! It took forever. It was expensive. Things went wrong. Things got super messy.

Exhibit A:


Renovating an old bathroom is HARD LEMME TELL YOU... especially when you don't know what you're doing and you have to search it on Youtube every 10 minutes. But we did it!!  Actually Trent did it and i tried to calm him down when water was spraying out of the pipes and on to his cute face. Good thing we live 2 minutes from Home Depot!

Incase you forgot, here's what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house:

Definitely not my style haha. The "before" post on the bathroom is here

Ok. Here it is!! 




First things first. THE TILE. I have been in love with this tile forever. I almost cried when i got it. It's so pretty and not a single piece was broken. (hallelujah emoji hands). I also love that it's a traditional middle eastern pattern. This house is truly becoming a representation of who we are. 

Since the tile is so bold i kept the rest of the room really simple. The mirror is from target, spray painted matte black. 

The sink is the same one we had before. I thought about getting a different one with storage, but it would make the bathroom seem even smaller than it is. I updated the faucet and i think it looks SO cool with the tile. There is an unexpected vintage vibe in this room that i kinda love! 

I absolutely love the light fixture, especially how it looks next to the mirror. Oh, and it was like $400 cheaper than another one i was going to buy. 

The towel ring and toilet paper holder are the coolest things ever. I love them. I know, i love everything. There is a DIY on the turkish towel here. 

The toilet caused the most trouble. I bought this amazing new sleek toilet.. and it didn't fit. I was SO sad. We would have had to move the gross waste pipes a few more inches away from the wall... yeah. It was a fast nope. We put our old one back and realized the tile didn't cover enough of the floor under the toilet. It's only an inch or two but it drives me insane. Thats why i put the basket in the pictures. We have to take out the toilet again, take out the two pieces of tile that were cut too small, and put two new ones in. Luckily we have extra. 

Even though it took forever and almost everything went wrong, i still think it was worth it. It's just the prettiest little bathroom ever. <3


thanks for reading!