The first photos are the MLS listing photos and how the house looked when we bought it.

Get ready. They're pretty bad. Luckily i saw the potential in the home because i absolutely LOVE it now.

what we did:

  • painted the walls and fireplace white
  • replaced all interior doors with new 5-panel white doors
  • removed the swamp cooler from the hallway and upgraded to central air
  • removed the coat closet next to the tv 
  • painted the front door
  • removed screen on front door
  • added a new light fixture above dining table
  • removed track window shades

Here it is now:


Master bedroom

Before we moved in I was terrified our queen bed wouldn't fit in the bedroom because it seemed so small! It ended up fitting with more than enough room, the previous owners had just made a few mistakes that made the room seem 10X smaller than it was. The room was painted a dark color, the bed was placed incorrectly, and they had too many large pieces of furniture in the room.

what we did:

  • painted room white
  • installed new light fixture
  • installed new door
  • installed new closet doors


Guest bedroom

The feel of this room is definitely my favorite. It has a clean, scandinavian vibe, yet its very personal.

what we did:

  • painted room white
  • installed new light fixture
  • installed new interior door
  • installed new closet doors





what we did:

  • painted room white
  • installed new light fixture
  • installed new door
  • doubled the size of the closet space by flipping around coat closet in living room




What we did

  • painted cabinets white
  • installed butcher block countertops
  • installed white subway tile
  • new sink and faucet
  • new stove

I don't consider it done yet. It still needs a new dishwasher and some open shelving.



The main bath

As far as bathrooms in old homes go, this one is not bad at all. The floors and wall color aren't offensive at all, and dare i say.. they're almost pretty. I haven't done a thing to it yet but i plan on getting a new sink cabinet and tiling around the shower (right now there is a cheap vinyl wallpaper behind the curtain. wtf. i know.) 


the powder room

I don't even know what to say about this. The wallpaper is the FIRST thing I attacked in the house.

 I painted everything white and changed out the towel ring and mirror. It looked like this for a year.

What we did

  • new tile floor
  • new faucet
  • spray painted mirror black

...i'm obsessed. More bathroom pics here


the mud room

i. cant. even.

This is by far the worst room. Whenever i have to go through it i close my eyes and run as fast as i can with my arms flailing about. 

We painted it white and lived with these cabinets for over a year

We tore out the cabinets and put in beadboard and some shelving. It's still in progress but this is what it looks like now: