1 year anniversary photos

I know its not common to have one-year-anniversary photos taken, but i really wanted them. Trent and i have been together for eight years at this point, but time has flown by at a scary rate and i wish i could look back on each year and see how we've grown, what we loved, and how we were living at that time. I wish i had pictures of us in our first apartment downtown, when we had frequent parties and walked around the capital every evening, or in his borderline frat house that was never clean when we were in college. It's gone by in the blink of an eye. 

This is a gift to my future self.  You're welcome, me. 

1 year of marriage.

Right now we live in a small home that we bought 1 year ago.  We're both working our butts off but love our jobs. We go boating on our turquoise 1960's boat almost every weekend, and our dog Oliver is the center of our world. 

photos by a great photographer and friend: Jen Palmer