The never-ending bed saga of doom

The bed saga started in November... and it still isn't over. I had been wanting a new bed for a while. Our original bed wasn't a real bed. It was a mattress sitting on a couple of wooden pallets.

see the pallets?

The headboard was gorgeous, but i had gotten sick of it after a couple of years. I did a photoshoot at work in Novermber where i used the most beautiful upholstered bed. Since that moment, i was on the hunt for the perfect upholstered bed.

here's the beauty that started it all. 

A few weeks later, i was scrolling on instagram and i saw a little bed-making tutorial Emily Henderson posted and i FELL IN LOVE with this grey tufted bed. As soon as i saw it, i pulled the trigger and bought that bed.

It's adorable right??!

The reason it was so hard for me to find a bed in the first place is because i wanted it to be very low to the ground.

1. I didn't want my dog jumping off a high bed and breaking his little arms.

2. I HATE the look of a high bed in a small room. It completely takes over and makes the room feel smaller.

3. Lower beds are more modern

4. Our mattress is 12 inches thick (average is 7) and huge... but its a heavenly cloud of memory foam and we sleep like babies.

When the bed arrived i got a sinking feeling becuase it was much darker and bigger than the photos online. I put it together anyway because we had already sold our headboard and becuase i didn't want my husband to say "i told you so" because when i showed him the photo online after i had already bought it, he said it wouldnt work. It's crazy how he's right sometimes. I love a challenge, and i have tons of experience mixing different styles from my job, so i was convinced i could pull it off. Girl. No. Nothing i was doing was working. I bought BAGS AND BAGS of different pillows and accessories and tried all of them and nothing was helping. It just looked like it didn't belong in the house. After a few days i admitted my defeat and sold the bed on KSL (Utah's version of craigslist).

Here it is. My most successful attempt at styling it. Not worth photographing with a real camera.  

1. it's too dark for the room

2. the headboard is too close to the window. (unfortunate because it was low enough)

3. didn't blend seamlessly with my scandi-boho style

4. it stuck out a foot further than the previous bed.

I KNOW. I don't know what i was thinking!! I knew it was neither scandinavian NOR boho! I don't know. Sometimes you just see a photo and get a crazy hair. 

We put the mattress back on the floor and lived with it for a few weeks until i came across a gorgeous bed at an outlet store. I loved it. The color was perfect. The legs were so cool. I bought it, so blinded by the beauty and the price, i didn't think about how high off the ground it was. Nothing crazy, about 12 inches of space underneath. When we put the mattress on top, the entire room transformed from an open airy bedroom to just BED. It came up almost to my hip. Trent tried to convince me that it was fine. He really liked the bed. He never likes anything. I decided that our huge amazing 12 inch mattress was the biggest problem of all. I ordered the six-inch version of the same mattress and it came two days later.


I shot the bedroom with my photographer friend and all was right with the world. 


It was a fun shoot! my cute off-the-shoulder pom pom top is from Gray Monroe! I think it goes with the decor!

I loved the bed!

That is... until Trent complained of back pain the first night. I told him to give it another chance. Maybe he slept in a weird position. The second morning i woke up and could barely move my neck.


Normally i put style before comfort but an uncomfortable mattress is a whole different ballgame. I think we're so used to our amazing mattress that anything feels horrible.

I sold the mattress and the beautiful bed on KSL. Our original mattress is back on the pallets where we started from.

I'm done for now. I've wasted too much time and money on this. BIGGEST LESSON: Just because you like something doesn't mean you should get it! especially if its a 180 from the rest of your decor!

Other equally important lessons:

  • a low bed looks more modern than a higher bed, and makes the room feel bigger
  • get someone else's opinion before buying something if you're not sure (or overly confident in my case)
  • if you've got a good thing going don't screw it up

And thats it for now! It probably made me sound a little crazy but as long as someone learned anything from this then it's worth it. Hopefully i find the answer soon because this bed saga SUCKS.

Photos by Jen Palmer

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